Walking through the Journey
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Lemme start of the post with some yummylicious pictures :p



Smoked Salmon Sandwich

Ok crap, wanted to tempt you readers on the food but it backfired and its making me hungry!

Our dear Linda was back from Japan for a visit. Hence, lunch date with both of this girls! 
Had a fun time catching up with each other :)


Celebrated Jason's birthday and partially my farewell with the bunch. 

Dinner @ WIP Bangsar

Happy Birthday BFF! <3

It's always great to see what we term each other as the UK bunch. Unfortunately Ms Bimbo aka Lynn couldn't make it that night, if not, it'll be perfect! 

Alford Tan! Its been a while!

Next round was at Zouk. It was sort of my farewell (again) with the usual Zouk kakis. But this time, brought 3 other girlfriends along :)

Van, myself, Linda, Carmen

with the half Japanese chiq! :D

All of them, especially the guys wanted me down that night. 
Black label, Moet, Tequila, 2 Flaming from this bunch and shots from my other bunch -___-

My heroic moment. LOL
I was perfectly sober that night surprisingly. Mission failed epic-ly. HAHA

EeLynn and half of Nate. Lol


Then it was lunch date with this two girls whom I've not seen for quite a while!
We literally went on food hunting that day. Hop from one restaurant to another cafe etc. 

The girls had their lunch @ La Bodega, followed by me having lunch @ Coffee Bean RIGHT AFTER La Bodega. #champion


Managed to have lunch with the IBMers too. Although its only the 4 of us girls and we only managed to catch up with each other for an hour, its all worth it :)

Am really missing those internship days! :(


Let's continue with dinner with the college mates, also my best friends!
Decided to dine at Antipodean @ Bangsar Telawi. Food was good and you guys should try their pancakes!

All day breakfast at < RM 20

Hot pancakes! Tastes really good

Present to you my boobs, left and right respectively. HAHA 
Bryan was with us during dinner too, didn't get a picture of him tho.

Polaroids <3


Hope your not bored of reading this yet, just lemme continue alright. Lol

Met up with this two working girls for lunch @ Centerpoint in one of the days last week. Lunching with this two girls reminds me of the time where we had our gossip at Cheryl's place haha. I miss it! Although we don't meet up often excluding zouk (lol), am glad that I've met you two! <3

All in shades, lan yeng! ;D


2 days before leaving the country, met up with one of the most important bunch of people in my life.
Dinner was Steamboat, and surprisingly some of us were punctual! (which will NEVER happen in our group. We are always fashionably late, like all the damn time LOL)

I miss you guys :( 

Do you think they'll just let me go after dinner without making me drunk? No way man. 
Second round @ Sids TTDI

I had no idea what I drank that night. But it was enough to make me drunk. Drunk but conscious so its not too bad haha

Ms Tan! I <3 you

This was the killer! I swear! Goddamit can anyone tell me what the hell is this. I came back from washroom with this waiting for me ugh!
Apart from this, I remembered there was beer, flaming (again right I know), & graveyard. FML

Haha Melvin too cute!

Melvin is drunk! Hahhaa

Pulled the girls down with me :p


The finale! A day before leaving. Last but not least, dinner with the family :)
Bro suggested I should have something that HK doesn't have, so Madam Kwan's it was!

I forgot what's the name of this dish. Lol sorry

Tbh, I think Pappa Rich's nasi lemak is nicer than Madam Kwan's -.-

Momsy! <3

Err stoning

Stupid bro :p

Do we look alike? Haha

Ok we looked damn alike here o_O

 <3 them to bits! 

There you go, summary of my farewells. Im still surviving here just in case you wanna know ;p 
Missing everyone back in KL! 

Signing off,
Good Night :)

09 April 2012 @ 2:45 AM

Post Graduation

As the title says it, this post will be about things happened after my last paper 2 weeks ago! It feels like 2 months ago to be honest. 

The week itself after our last paper was our annual/graduation dinner held at Empire Hotel. This time we're the graduating batch. Still remembered how stressful was it organizing annual dinner for our seniors the previous year, hence, thank you to each committee and everyone who made the event success :)

Theme was Spring in Winter (which I don't really get it LOL)
Me & Ryan were REALLY late because both of us were rushing for graduation video and his speech, ended up late for one and a half hour :p

Meet Mr. Ryan!

The story here was: Ryan and Ms. Grace were a couple, and he found out that Ms. Grace had an affair with me. LMAO! 
p/s: that was Ms. Grace kissing me hahaha

The 5 of us <3
We started the course together, studied together, stressed together, partied together, argued with each other, loved each other, and graduated together :') 

Meet Ms. Woo, our hot lecturer, developmental psychologist, mom with a son!

Dr. Alia! My thesis supervisor ;) 

Love love you girls <3

with Ms. Elaine and her superbly crazy adorable son Dylan. AHHH!

with my dearest ex-president <3

My bff, junior, successor, bitch partner, etc etc!

Ryan, Carmen, Jason

Ms. Grace! Miss her lectures where she'll go off topic 80% of the time LOL

Ms. Jeannie, psych department admin. I've never met some one with super memory like her! Crazy!

Batch 10 with lecturers! :)


Last but not least, Batch 10 <3

Here's a video on our graduation. Took only a day to edit so it wasn't that good


Attended Monash's convocation the following week. Attended these people's graduation:

Cynthia Chek!

Ivy Kok!

Mon Wei!

Grats all of you, you all looked really gorgeous that day! 


What's post graduation without drinking? Had like 3 drinking sesh and zouk (of course lol) after our last paper. Not much pictures were taken, prolly we were too busy seizing the moment haha. 
Some of the pics below before I left to Phuket for 3 days holiday!

Movida was having buy 1 free 1 pint promotion. Super great deal!

Post celebration for Alford Tan's 22nd. Your old bitch! :p 

Last pic to end the post, haha!

Till then, 

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21 March 2012 @ 12:54 AM

The Blogger.


The name's Jenny. This is just a personal blog of mine where you can get to know a little more about me ;)